Where to study in Barcelona

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Study in BCNAs you may know the universities in Spain are famous all around the world. They are unique for their long tradition in education. So come study in BCN!

In fact, the University of Salamanca is the oldest one in Spain and one of the oldest in the world. It was founded in 1218 by the king Alfonso IX. However, what attracts the students to Barcelona is the quality and ranking of the universities here. The University of Barcelona is ranked nº 1 in Spain and is in the top 150 in the World. Moreover, the number of foreign students that study in Spanish universities keeps on growing every year. Young people are coming to Spain mostly from South America and European countries. Unfortunately, Spain has one big disadvantage: their lack of education in English.  This fact makes it difficult for the students that do want to come here to study but don’t speak Spanish. Even worse, you might need to understand/speak Catalan to study in a university in Barcelona. But all this doesn’t decrease the growing interest in studying in Spain among students from the United States. Finally, Spain takes part in the Erasmus student exchange and it’s one of the most frequently chosen destination.

See our selection of the top 5 Universities in Barcelona:

Study in BCNESADE – La Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas

ESADE is an international academic institution with over fifty years of history. The main assets of this school are the people: faculty members and professionals who nurture reflection, dialogue, projects and initiatives to ensure excellent education, pioneering research and a valuable contribution to social debate and transformation.

ESADE’s key mission is to train individuals to become highly-competent professionals fully aware of their social responsibility. They promote education and research through their Law School and Business School with a firm commitment to intellectual rigor, critical analysis and academic excellence. The vast majority of ESADE’s almost 60,000 alumni are ambassadors of these values in over one hundred countries and hold top-level posts in companies, public administration and the non-profit sector. ESADE’s global prestige stems from its quality education, its international focus and its holistic approach towards professional and personal skills development.

Throughout the years, ESADE has forged deep-rooted ties with the business, economic and social sectors as a platform for education and innovation, as a benchmark research center and as a stage for reflection and dialogue. What’s more, ESADE actively seeks out innovative solutions to the challenges of human resource and knowledge management, corporate innovation and globalization, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, as well as the solution of legal problems related to new business challenges.

UAB – The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

UAB is known for its excellence in research and quality in teaching, and is a reference center in Europe. The UAB is located only 25 minutes via public transportation from Barcelona’s city center,
a cosmopolitan metropolis lying on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The main campus is located in Bellaterra, in the heart of one of the main industrial and technological poles of Mediterranean Europe.

The UAB caters to all aspects of university life. The campus is a true city of knowledge with almost 50,000 inhabitants: students, lecturers, researchers and administrative staff. It is organized with all the necessary services for the university community: residence halls (2,600 places), specialized libraries, a language learning center, sport facilities (with a gym, pools, football pitch, etc.), healthcare center, restaurants, stores and cafés. The UAB offers top-level postgraduate and graduate programs in almost all areas.

UB – Universidad de Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is the most formidable public institution of higher education in Catalonia, catering to the needs of the greatest number of students and delivering the broadest and most comprehensive offering in higher educational courses. The UB is also the principal center of university research in Spain and has become a European benchmark for research activity, both in terms of the number of research programs it conducts and the excellence these have achieved.

Its own history closely tied to the history of Barcelona and of Catalonia, this university combines the values of tradition with its position as an institution dedicated to innovation and teaching excellence: a university that is as outward-looking and cosmopolitan as the city from which it takes its name.

UPF – Universidad Pompeu Fabra

UPF is a public, international and research-intensive university that, in just twenty-five years, has earned a place for itself among the best universities in Europe. Awarded with a CEI label (International Excellence Campus) by the Spanish Ministry of Education, the University also figures in some of the most influential rankings.

UPF structures its studies on three main fields of knowledge, closely interconnected and structured on three campuses:

  • Social sciences and humanities
  • Health and life sciences
  • Communication and information technologies

Moreover, in order to promote research and transfer activities undertaken by university researchers and provide them with greater international visibility, the University is developing the UPF Research Park in the fields of social sciences, humanities, and communication and information technologies. The UPF Research Park, which develops its activity at Ciutadella and Poblenou campuses, coordinates its activities in the fields of health and life sciences with the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, located on the Mar campus.

UPC – The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech

UPC is a public institution dedicated to higher education and research, specialized in the fields
of architecture, engineering and technology. In a highly creative context, the UPC’s research, teaching and management projects are based on the principles of freedom, justice, democracy, solidarity, cooperation, sustainability, efficiency, transparency and social responsibility. They also reflect the University’s commitment to the environment and to change.

Study in BCN
With a focus on intellectual rigor, critical thinking, a cross-disciplinary approach to knowledge, educational innovation and entrepreneurship, the UPC produces competent professionals with the skills they need to tackle present and future challenges. The activity that goes on at UPC campuses and schools has made the University a benchmark institution. The University harnesses the potential of basic and applied research, and transfers technology and knowledge to society. These actions make the UPC—in partnership with industry—an agent and driver of economic and social change. The UPC puts its scientific and technological infrastructure at the service of research groups and centers, researchers and students, professionals, companies and institutions. As a leading member of international networks of excellence, the UPC has a privileged relationship with global scientific and educational organizations. As a result, the University is at an advantage when it comes to attracting international talent.

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