Pros and cons of working in Barcelona

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Living and working in Barcelona is great, but we would like to give you some ideas on how to make the final move to come here for work. For sure, you can think about many pros of working in the capital of Cataluña, so let´s start with the cons:

1. Salary expectations
The dilemma in Barcelona is that the standard of living is not much lower, compared to other western EU countries. But in contrast, the salaries are. So if you decide to work here, than make sure you come for the whole experience: the beautiful nature, the weather, and not for the money, otherwise you will be disappointed.

2. Crisis
The crisis of 2010 is almost forgotten in Barcelona, but the people are starting to worry that a new one about to start. The unemployment rate continues as one of the highest in EU and people are starting to go out of Spain in search for work. It´s also important to remember in which industry you are looking to find a job. Tourism, technology and engineering are doing surprisingly well here!

3. Can´t really plan your holidays
The hottest month in Barcelona is without a doubt July, but the office month to go on vacation is August. Barcelona in August is like a desert, all the locals are out of the city on vacation and only the tourists remain on the street of the city. Many businesses close down during the first two weeks of August, because there is no sense to be at the office. This means that you have to also take your holidays during those weeks. And this happens not only in August, but you may have to take a couple of days off in Christmas and Easter as well.

1. Summer working time
The summer working shift is basically ending the work day at three o’clock. It´s not obligatory and not all companies are doing it, but if you´re lucky you will have jornada intensiva (from 8 to 3pm) from mid June until mid September. Some companies are allowing summer work shifts, if not all summer, at least during July and August. Make sure you ask about the summer schedule before you decide to sign a contract, because they’re companies who don´t play this game and work 8 hours with 1 hour lunch break all year round.

2. Fiesta days
Nowadays, you won’t earn here as much as you would in Germany or Holland but you will get 14 extra days off for bank holidays. Summing up your days off at work in total you get 36 days off a year.  

3. Free Friday afternoon
Almost every company in Barcelona offers “free afternoon” every Friday of the year. Flexible working hours allow you to start at 8:30 and finish work at around 3 pm on Fridays. Think about it this way – you have 2 and a half free days per week.

So what do you think about working in Barcelona?

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