Apps you can’t miss if you are in Barcelona

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Apps in Barcelona
Barcelona is a smart city
, the location for the Mobile World Congress and the home town for many new startups every year. Technology is always tied to this city. They’re many information and guides you can find online and here we share with you some of the best apps you can’t miss if you are in Barcelona. These are only apps that cover a need, that are easy to use or the information in it and the service provided is of value. Have a look:

To find a flat


One of the biggest problems in Barcelona is finding a flat. With all the interest around the Capital of Cataluña, finding a home is a tough job. If you are looking for a house, then idealista will make it a lot easier. With the major number of flats and houses for sale or rent, this app will put you in contact with flat owners and agencies for free.

To find a job


Of course finding a job is essential for all the new and not so new expats. The most popular app for job search in Spain is by far InfoJobs. InfoJobs is a career builder site operating in Spain, Italy and Brazil.


To sell & buy


If you’re looking to sell some unwanted items or to buy something new at a lower cost, then Wallapop is just the place for you. Wallapop will show you what’s in your area and the going price of the item. It’s a direct service that requires you to hand over the item in person, it’s much less risky. You can check the condition of the product on handover.


To get around


A taxi might be a good option to get around the city fast and get to places where public transports do not take you. The app is great since you can have your credit card or paypal account connected and pay directly through them when you order a taxi through the app. It is very convenient and now every time I need a taxi I use it.


Apps in BarcelonaTMB app

The TMB app will cover all your public transport questions. There are service alerts, metro maps, bus lines, route planners, information about ticket prices and an option to personalize the app to feature your most travelled lines. Great for anyone relatively new to Barcelona who’s still trying to find their way around!



BlaBlaCar connects drivers and passengers willing to travel together between cities and share the cost of the journey. Trust is the base of a pleasant journey, and that´s why the app shows you details about the driver and the passengers, for example what type of music do they like, if they are talkative or not, etc.


To go out

The Fork

Are you passionate about food? Want to try some Spanish specialties in Barcelona, but not sure where to go? Download The Fork and compare the best restaurants in the city. With this app you can find and book a table anywhere and receive an immediate confirmation of your booking.


That was our guide to the best apps you need to get the most out of Barcelona. We divided the list in 5 main groups: Find a flat, Find a job, Sell & Buy, Get around and Going out. Did we missed a category? What is your favorite one? Feel free to share and comment below.

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