Where to eat in Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the greatest city to go out. Bars and restaurants are quite cheap, and you can find any type of food. Here a list of some of the best restaurants, classified per type of food.
Cal Boter
One of the most famous catalan restaurants is the “Cal Boter”, known for its midday menu, eating there is a good way to discover catalan classics.
If you want to eat at a good italian, we recommend you the “Bacaro”. This restaurant in the emblematic Gotic district will give an air of Italy. Very famous for its dishes more developed than pizza and spagetthi, the Bacaro will give a party to your taste bud!
Doble Zeroo
Barcelona is also a net for sushi lovers and the Doble Zer00 may be its temple! If you want to eat a good japan speciality, with a mediterranean touch, go to Born district to savour cheap sushis and tapas!
The restaurant Bembí is an idian restaurant which has found the union between idian and catalan food. You can relish there wih tasteful and innovative recipes, and appreciate the quality and freshness of the products!
El Petit Bangkok
El Petit Bangkok is known for its delicious and authentic dishes. Most of people classify it as one of the best Thailandish restaurant of the town. And you can enjoy both the food and decoration. But we advice you to get a reservation because it´s usually full!
La Verde Umbria
If you want to have a great pizza , we advice you to go to “la Verde Umbria”. Fresh products and crunchy base made the success of this restaurant. You´ll enjoy this accurate piece of Italy!
He Cheng
This restaurant is known as a a true chinese. It´s a familial restaurant with a warm atmosphere. There, you can order copious and delicious dishes for a very good price!
With its intimate and well-decorated room, Sésamo is the perfect place to share a vegetarian meal. With its international specialities and its good wine selection, Sésamo is a good option for vegetarians people, and even non-vegetarians!
El Pachuco
El Pachuco is probably one of the best mexican restaurant in Barcelona. Led by mexican people, this restaurant has incredible dishes and also a great atmosphere. The staff is very welcoming and always want you to have a great time. Nevertheless, you should either make a reservation or go early, because it´s quicly crowed, probably due to the amazing nachos they cook!

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