Waterfalls in Catalonia

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waterfallsAs temperatures soar, the cool mist of waterfalls may seem like a distant dream to those left in the city. These places make an ideal weekend away, where you can escape both the heat of the city and the crowds along the coast. There is a lot to discover.


Located about an hour’s walk from the picturesque village of Rupit in the comarca of Osona, you can find the Salt de Sallent, also known as la Cua de Cavall (horse’s tail). Before you set off for the waterfall, take some time to explore the village, which sits upon a rocky hill. Dominated by a huge grey stone wall where the castle of Rupit stood some 1,000 years ago, a stroll through the narrow, winding streets of Rupit is a journey back to the 16th and 17th centuries, when most of the stone houses here were built. There are several bars and restaurants where you can fill up on some nourishing local cuisine before you set off.


This lovely route in Campdevànol near Ripoll is one of the area’s most popular hikes. It covers 10 kilometers and takes in seven small waterfalls. Also known as the Itinerari dels Gorgs Cabana, the waterfalls aren’t big, but the surroundings are beautiful and each is different from the previous one. It takes a total of about three hours to do the whole circular route. Park at the Pirinenc Camping Campdevànol and from there take the path that runs alongside the campsite by the stream.

From here it takes about an hour to get to the first cascade, the Gorg de la Cabana, then it’s a ten-minute walk from waterfall to waterfall. Each one of the gorgs is different, from the magnificent views of the Gorg del Forat to the Gorg Petit del Colomer, which is the nearest you’ll get to a deserted beach in the mountains. The biggest waterfall is the last, the Gorg del Colomer, which has a drop of 10 meters.


The Foradada is a small waterfall that cascades down into a rocky grotto. Cantonigròs waterfall, (also known as La Foradada waterfall) is located not far from a little town called Cantonigròs (a part of Osona region), situated in central Catalonia. The hike is not difficult and the trek is marked with yellow marks. It’s right next to a big hole in the limestone rock making the whole place look magical. The natural pool is just the place for hot summer days, though it is usually packed with people on those days. It’s not the easiest place to get to, hence the element of secrecy it maintains. But it is certainly worth the effort to see it.

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