Rental contracts include a clause stating that utilities are installed. This means that all you need to do is call the utility companies to request a name or account change. Administrators usually offer to take care of this. If the utilities are not available, it can take up to a week for them to be set up. Charges may apply. To get your utility service connected, you are required to present your NIE or passport number, your bank account details, the number and signing date of your rental contract, the last bill and a Cédula de Habitabilidad, a document that certifies the habitability of your home. Connection fees may apply. All utilities (gas, water, electricity and telephone) are usually paid by direct debit (see Money and banking section). You should receive a bill before the money is deducted from your account, so remember to check that the amount deducted matches the bill.




Mains or piped gas is available in Barcelona. Many homes have a combined gas hot-water and heating system. You are billed for gas every two months. Like all utility bills, gas bills can be paid by direct debit. The main supplier is Gas Natural.



In Barcelona, water is supplied exclusively by Aigües de Barcelona. Bills are sent out every three months. Tap water in Barcelona is safe to drink, but is quite hard and has a mineral taste. Most residents prefer to drink bottled water.


Mobile phone

Depending on how long you plan on being in Barcelona, you should either get a monthly phone contract or a pay as you go SIM card. With these SIM cards, it is possible to still you your current phones, contract free.Some of the cheaper providers are Tuenti Móvil or Happy Móvil.




It is fairly easy to get high-speed Internet access in Spain. The two options available are ADSL or cable modem (up to 50 Megabytes per second). Besides the monthly fee, providers often charge a signup fee (cuota de alta), but many operators waive or reduce this to attract more customers. High-speed access usually requires a contract of at least one year, with associated penalties for early termination. Many Internet packages are bundled with telephone and television services.



Is billed every month based on the power rating and the kilovolt, which in Spain is 220 volts AC with a frequency of 50 hertz. The main power suppliers in Barcelona are: Fecsa Endesa, Gas Natural, Iberdrola. Spain uses Type C or Europlug poweroutlets, with 2 round pins. Those from outside Europe and from countries using the 110-volt system may need an adapter for any appliances from their home country they wish to use in Spain.

Landline telephones

There are several providers of fixed-line telephone services in Spain. They offer a wide range of plans, including flat-rate charges (tarifa plana). Remember that most fixed lines are still provided by Telefonica Movistar, the historical national telephone company, even if you decide to use another provider for your calling charges. Having a landline installed generally takes four to five days. You pay an amount for establishing the call and then are charged per minute connected. All charges are subject to VAT. Spain’s country code is 34. All major cities in Spain have their own prefixes. Barcelona’s prefix is 93, while Madrid’s is 91.