Barcelona is a beautiful city with an amazing amount of activities and things to offer. Depending on your preferences, you might prefer to relax one afternoon at the beach or at the park, or you prefer to go for a drink at a café. Here you are going to find a few options available.


We all know that we are not in London, but the English are not the only lovers of parks. Here in Barcelona, the residents prefer to hang out in the main parks while waiting for summer. It might not be warm enough to go to the beach but it’s really nice to lounge at the park, with your towel, book and drink. Usually, you have people selling food and drinks to the visitors.


Keep in mind that we know that the Barcelona beaches (4,2 km in total) cannot compete with the ones in Costa Brava or the ones in Costa Dorada. In fact, because of the amount of pollution in the city, the quality of the water and the sand is inferior. But they are ideal for a lazy stroll one afternoon or for jogging. The most visited beaches are Vila Olímpica and Barceloneta. But you have many others to choose from. There are some street vendors (legal or not), in case you want a cold beverage or a foot massage.


Spain is known for its food and food culture, so we want to give you some guidelines so you can have the best experience here in Barcelona. If you want to know where to go to eat, you can check out our blog post about bars and restaurants in the city.

Gastronomy is one of Catalonia’s many fortes, driving thousands around the globe to experience its fine Mediterranean cuisine. From culinary innovation to Catalan rustic dishes, Barcelona is home to some of Europe’s finest chefs.  With the Mediterranean diet including lots of olive oil, seafood, vegetables, meats, garlic and red wine, there are 5 different eating hours and plenty of time to savor the great cuisine Barcelona has to offer.


If you are feeling like going to the cinema but don’t want see the Spanish dubbed versions available here in Barcelona, don’t worry. There are many cinemas that offer the original versions but with Spanish subtitles.


Barcelona is very famous for its variety of markets: secondhand, vintage, food, flowers, etc. If you want to know more about them, read the following blog posts: Barcelona – Land of the Second Hand Markets


Survivor Guide

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