Temps de Flors

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The “Temps de Flors”, also known as “Fiesta de las Flores”, is a festival completely dedicated to flowers in Girona. It’s celebrated annually, during the month of May. For instance, this year it’s happening between the 13th and 21th of May. Furthermore, this festival has been going on for many years, celebrating in 2017 its 62th birthday! Girona is expecting around 200.000 people, which represents double the number of its inhabitants.

The History

To start from the beginning, let’s understand the history behind this festival. It all started with a group pf ladies who lived in the older part of town and they were huge fan of flowers. So, they had the great idea of starting a contest between the many flower lovers with the aim of showcasing the most beautiful flowers in the city. In fact, this contest became so big and important that the town hall of Girona decided to expend it and hold the show all over the city. Nowadays, this festival is organized by the founder families and by volunteers that are just happy to participate.

What to visit?

It’s in fact one of the most spectacular festivals in Spain! The artists will decorate gardens, backyards and monuments of Girona’s old town with colorful flowers and creative floral installations. This festivals gives the public the chance to visit some places that usually are not available all year round. Some of the places are El Ayutamiento, la Catedral (which appears multiple times in the TVShow Game of Thrones), the church of Sant Martí Sacosta, the Baños Árabes, the Jewish neighborhood and the gardens of Palacios Del Barri Vell (which are not usually open to visit). Moreover, for the last couple of years, the town hall of Girona is trying to showcase some of the neighborhoods that are less known, such as Santa Eugènia and Sant Narcís.

All expositions are free to visit. So it is a great opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Girona during this time of the year. But keep in mind that during those nine days a lot of people are visiting the city. You might get stuck in a queue or two. If you want to have a better idea of where to go, you can check out the program here.

You can also visit the multiples markets, exhibitions and guided tours available for the visitors.

Temps de Flors

How to get there?

By car: It’s the easiest way to get to Girona from Barcelona. The route is around 100km and has the duration of approximately 1h20. If you decide to use the highway, you might have to pay around 7 euros, one way. But if you are not in a hurry, you can take the national roads that offer amazing views and are free of charge.

By train: Renfe issues special discounts for visitors of “Fiesta de las Flores” (35% discount). You need to catch the train in Barcelona-Sants and the trips is 1h30.

By bus: You have two bus companies that do this route: Alsa and Sagalés.

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