How to survive your first day in Barcelona: a short guide for foreigners

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Moving to a foreign country is not easy. No matter if you are travelling for work, university or even holidays, it is really important to prepare yourself for a new adventure. Here are some useful tips to survive your first day in Barcelona.

1. Knowing the Language
Spanish people are a very nice and joyful nation. Knowledge of the Spanish language is not essential, but it can certainly make your life easier. You can get away by knowing some basics, you will be able to move around the city, ask for directions, do small shopping or order dinner. Even if you can speak English and only some words in Spanish, try to speak Spanish. No matter the mistakes you make, the person you are talking to will appreciate your effort and will answer with big smile.

2. Local Transportation

Surprisingly enough, Barcelona is not a big city. If you are planning to live here for a little longer, the best that you can do is to buy a monthly ticket for the metro and buses. The cost of this ticket is around 50 euro per month, but you can use unlimited public transportation. Nearly all year round, the weather in Barcelona is beautiful, so you can also ride a bike. The city is really bike friendly; you can use city bikes and only have to pay a small fee once a year (the stations are located in the main areas of the city).

3. Getting familiar with Local Customs

Before coming to Barcelona try to do small research regarding local culture and customs, because you might be surprised. For example, it is common for men and women to kiss each other (twice) on the cheek during greetings and farewells, regardless of if you have known them for a long time or you just met them. Understanding local customs and culture can help you prevent such surprises. But if you don’t know something or when you make a faux pas do not worry, just smile.

4. Keep Your ID

Try not to leave your apartment without your personal ID. This will not only help you in case of any emergencies, but it is also important in public transportation i.e. during a ticket control they will demand to see your ID.

5. Smile

Last but not least. Don’t forget to SMILE – from now on you are living in Barcelona! 

You have just read a few tips for surviving your first day in Barcelona.
Good luck and enjoy! Buena suerte y disfruta!

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