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Holidays may be agreed individually or collectively. In fact, these may not represent less than 30 days. Furthermore, the holidays cannot be replaced with financial compensation. In addition, workers with temporary contracts cannot take official holidays because they do not work for the company. So, they will receive a payment for the holidays with their wages.

The holiday schedule is fixed by each company. Not to mention that workers should be aware of the relevant holiday dates at least two months prior to their commencement. If there is disagreement then they may present a complainant to their managers.

Paid leave is subject to justification to the company. List of some of the reasons to take paid time off:

  • Birth of child or death, accident or serious illness or hospitalization.
  • Moving house.
  • Breastfeeding a child under nine months of age.
  • Meeting public and private obligations (jury service, appearance in court, etc.).
In every case, the worker must inform the employer in advance and justify his or her absence to be able to enjoy the right to take time off work.

Public holidays are set on an annual basis:

There are 14 per year, two of which will be local holidays. Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Labor Day and Spanish National Day are national public holidays. Any public holidays falling on a Sunday will be transferred to the following Monday.

Some more information: