Coffee Revolution

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Every time I discover a new city or country, my adventure begins with the search for the best cafes in town! I cannot imagine life without good cup of coffee! I love the smell of freshly roasted coffee in the morning, especially if it comes from a cute cafe. And the sight of the people with their morning coffees, gives me all the energy I need to work all day!

When I first arrived to Barcelona, I was very skeptical of the local cafes. The ones I did visit, didn’t ´knock me down on my knees”. Actually, the coffee culture in Barcelona is quite a new phenomenon initiated by Jordi, who opened the Nømad in Barcelona back in 2014. Since then, independent cafes and coffee roasters have sprung up in various corners of the city.

Today I give you the perfect guide to find some the best cafes in Barcelona. I selected 5 places especially for you. They definitely have some excellent options available. Of course, keep in mind that each one of us has different taste buds and different preferences. Enjoy!

Nømad Coffee 

It was the owner of Nømad that started the coffee revolution in Barcelona. Jordi’s adventure started in East London. More specifically in Nude Espresso.

It was during that time when he explored the secrets of roasting coffee and acquired the knowledge he had brought to Barcelona, ​​where he opened Nomad in 2014. Thus launching a true coffee revolution. They have three locations! Nømad Roaster’s Home is a coffee shop for take away. Then, Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop is a coffee shop and fast coffee (espresso and alternative). And Nømad Every Day is where you cannot only have coffee but also eat a little bit at a large wooden table. This is where every coffee geek should start their tour of the capital of Catalonia. The place from which everything started!



SlowMov is hidden in the middle of Gràcia. It is an exact reflection of my imagination when it comes to the ideal cafe. You will find here a myriad of (not just culinary) books, internet connection and a large wooden table. There is a smoking room called “Locomotive”, at the back. You will be drinking both “chemex”  and espresso. In fact it was one of the best “cortados” I’ve ever had in Barcelona! You also have some gluten free pastry options, as well as snacks in the form of yogurts or salads. Moreover, another reason to love this place are the people that work there, Carmen and François. They greet everyone with a big smile on their face! You can see their passion for what they do, their commitment and great enthusiasm to make this place extraordinary. Carmen, a Catalonian-born coffee expert, studied in Paris under the supervision of the French coffee connoisseur Antoine Nétien. Fascinated by the philosophy of Slow Life, she decided to combine her two passions, coffee and free lifestyle. The result appeared in the form of SlowMov. Here you will feel at home and enjoy awesome hot beverages.


Syra Coffee

Located in the modern neighborhood of Gràcia, Syra stole my heart during my first visit. It’s one of those cafes that makes you back not only for their coffee but also because of the cool environment. The cafe itself is very small. It is not the ideal place to go for a long afternoon, full of conversations with a friend. Similarly, it is also hard to work here. The lack of internet and the size of the tables makes it rather impossible. However, you can always sit on the bench outside. Now, let’s discuss the topic! Syra uses the grains of one of the best roasters in Barcelona (Nømad). But the secret lies on the preparation. The milk is never overheated and the coffee has a pleasant nutty flavor. I recommend to everyone living in the area!


Satan’s Coffee Corner

The Satan has two localisations – one in Eixample and another in Barrio Gótico. I think that both places deserve a chance because apart from the name, owner and grains, these two locations differ a lot.

Do you know the sensation of feeling “at home” in a random place? I had that sensation with Satan. It was the first cafe I visited in Barcelona and it immediately made a good impression on me. More specifically: the interesting decor, the satanic branding and even the interesting cuisine (Japanese fusion). It’s has a professional but also pleasant service. This place was created to enjoy good hot drink, with good background music and the absence of internet connection and screaming kids. You will not find decaf here. The variety used in the espresso machine is changes but they always provide the information about it. In fact, you can read about its origin and aroma.

SKYE Coffee

Do you like industrial interiors? If so, you must visit Skye. There is a silver truck, a Citroen HY from 1972, located in the interior of the former warehouse. They have a huge wooden table and the bicycles in the background will satisfy every lover of industrial interiors and minimalism.

This place was created by Skye, interior designer/architect whose company’s office is located at the back of the hall. It is not only the astonishing interior but they also have very good coffee from the local roast (Right Side Coffee Roasters). Additionally, their vegan milk is awesome. You will also find everything you need to work remotely. In fact, there is a well-functioning internet connection, plenty of nests and plenty of space. You can stay here and work for hours. I have never had the opportunity to work in such convenient conditions. Plus, there is no music and everyone is either staring at their laptop screen or enjoying a hot beverage. Are you hungry? No worries! In Skye you can get desserts with chia seeds. The only thing to consider is the opening hours. It happens that the space is rented for photo sessions and the cafe informs about this fact on their Instagram.


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