Chosing a Mobile Company in Spain

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Mobile Company in Spain
Can you imagine coming to Spain without a mobile phone? Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine that you arrive to a place and you don’t have a cell phone with an internet connection in order to chat with your family and friends, post your latest news and share your pictures. That’s why, when you plan to move to a new country for a long period of time, it’s really important to think about your mobile plan.

In Spain you have a wide range of subscription plans in each mobile company. However, here you can find some of the options:

In almost every country, when you get a new SIM Card, you can choose between a Prepaid Sim or a Contract Sim, being the last one limited or unlimited. You have to know that you probably won’t find the ideal offer for your situation, especially in Spain. Sometimes, the prices here can be consider quite expensive when compared to other mobile companies around the world.

When we talk about predominance of the market share, there is a clear war between Movistar and Vodafone:

Movistar is the original Spanish Mobile Company, which belongs to Telefónica, the only phone provider in Spain until 1998. They have a big percentage of the market share, a good customer service, a really good broadband and stores in almost every city.


, even though it was already powerful, nowadays is even more because ONO bought them, offering really good prices to those who were already ONO clients. Just like in Movistar, they also have a good customer service and stores in almost every city, and if you want to sign a contract, you will only need a passport and not a NIE like in Movistar, which is a really advantage.


You also can find Orange and Yoigo.These two are pretty famous in Spain, with better prices but not a coverage as good as the other ones, specially if we move to another city.

If you are coming to Spain for a long period of time, we recommend that you go to the different stores and ask for promotions while you try to negotiate with them, letting them know that you know what you’re talking about and that they won’t trick you. Once you have collect all the information, analyze it and sign with the option that fits you the best!!

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  1. workinbarcelona

    Thank you for you comment B, Pepephone is also a really good alternative!

  2. I’ve went with Vodafone when I arrived, especially because I could get a SIM easily with my passport. After I got my NIE I switched to Pepephone. They have pretty good prices and can be combined with home fiber / ADSL when additional discounts apply.

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