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Carnival depends on the lunar calendar it is 40 days before Easter Time and it ends the day known as the Ash Wednesday.

Spain celebrates it with a big party where everyone dresses up in costumes, there are Paredes and music on the streets.

We can say that Carnival is a sequence of days that lasts a whole week. Begging with Fat Thursday (Dijous Gras in Catalan) is the day of the snacks and foods. On Friday is the day that arrives the Rei Carnestoltes (the equivalent of Carnival Day). The biggest parade is on Saturday, some of the best neighbourhoods to enjoy Carnival is El Born. The Carnival King’s parade, the taronjada (orange fight) and the big sarau (masked ball) are on Sunday afternoon and evening. Finally, Ash Wednesday is the last day of this festivity and when the burial of the sardine.

Who is Rei Carnestoltes?

Rei Carnestoltes is a fictitious character who presides the Carnival in Catalonia. His character and clothes symbolize the wild character of the festival. He appears on Friday evening with a satirical speech covering some of the main events of the year and ends with a call for everyone to come together and have fun. He presides over the parades of the weekend until Ash Wednesday when is burned in a public place.

Carnival in Sitges

For adults one of the best street parties of Barcelona is in Sitges.

Every year more than 250,000 people come to this city in the south of Barcelona, here you can find the wildest Carnival Party in Spain. Colorful parades, street music, live bands…. During a hole week.

There is a big Gay Community in Sitges that’s why you can find a big Gay Carnival including the famous Pink Night and Widow Night.

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