Bike routes around barcelona

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Biking around Barcelona will help you get to know the city and your surroundings from a different point of view. Biking is a different way to explore Barcelona and Costa Brava, but it´s true that the city is really crowded and biking may be a challenge. If you decide to move around the city by bike then make sure to stay very focused. The city of Barcelona has undertaken some commendable efforts to update its biking infrastructure in order to meet the demands of 21st century cyclists. These include the construction of more than 200 kilometers of dedicated bike lanes, with more being progressively added every year. If you want to feel more safe and not go by yourself then joining a bike tour might be a good idea. Today I would like to share with you 2 bike routes around the city of Barcelona and 2 around Costa Brava:


Montjuïc castle

The smallest of Barcelona’s surrounding hills, Montjuïc is home to a number of attractive landmarks such as the Joan Miró Foundation, the Olympic stadium and of course, the Montjuïc Castle. This route starts off at the monumental Plaça d’Espanya before heading down Av. Reina Maria Cristina. When you’re at the top swing round the Olympic Stadium before heading towards Montjuïc Castle via the Passeig del Migdia 


Vallvidrera and Tibidabu

Tibidabu is the highest mountain surrounding Barcelona. You can see it from every point of the city, and especially at night, when the basilica of Sagrat Cor church is illuminated. To go there, you need to start in Via Augusta (Barcelona) pass through Vallvidrera (steep part when crossing the village), and finished with the very steep part just getting to the parking area.

If you’ve done the obligatory cycle trip of Barcelona and now want to spread your wings, there are plenty of routes just a few hours outside the city for you to try.



Pals is a medieval village in Costa Brava with narrow and cobbled streets, stone houses, small and peaceful squares and charming walls. It’s a very beautiful and calm place, definitely worth the visit. To get there from Barcelona, take the train from the Sants station: get the train to Gerona (1hr 25) and then either take a bus or a taxi, or cycle from there. This is the most difficult of all thes routes to get to via public transport, even though it’s not actually that far away.


The green ways Girona

The Green Ways cycle route from Llagostera to Sant Feliu de Guixols is safe, flat and ends at the beach. The 57km route starting at Llagostera, a small town famous for its outlets and ending at Sant Feliu a beautiful coast village, crosses 3 regions and 12 towns.  For such a simple and straightforward route, there are plenty of rewards; the scenery is stunning and there are inviting cafes and restaurants lining the route for refreshments. If you don’t feel like doing the whole route, then you can do the last part and end at the beach at Sant Feliu de Guixols.

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