Barcelona “the Smart” city in Europe

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How far advanced is Barcelona?

Barcelona can be counted among the most modern cities in the world. This can be seen primarily in the avant-garde architecture of new buildings and advanced planning solutions conspicuous in the Eixample district. It is clear to see, that the authorities of Barcelona are trying to keep pace with the dynamic development of technology.

Residents of Barcelona do not see in this anything extraordinary. Compared to other metropolitan cities, something stands out that allows Barcelona to function better: the degree of technological advancement. Barcelona is considered one of the pioneers in the implementation of smart technologies.

Barcelona is the fourth most “intelligent” city in Europe (awarded in 2015). When we go to a bus stop, the information displayed on the screen will tell us how much time is left before the arrival of the bus. You can also view the available lines and timetable of public transport using the app installed on your mobile phone.

You prefer to ride a bike? In Barcelona you can use an app that will make it easier for you.

Barcelona’s inhabitants have many apps to their disposal containing the timetable of buses, information about traffic, and even a list of the nearest bike station and information about the availability of bicycles in the station.

There are also plans to create an app to handle the car rental system.

Facilities in the form of these kind of services connected to the network, based on advanced technical solutions, undoubtedly are making life in Barcelona easier. Unfortunately, the availability of these services is limited – it is necessary for users to connect to the Internet, and not all the tourists have it.

Barcelona is about to create a Wi-Fi network covering the entire city center.

In agglomerations such as Barcelona, where there are modern fiber infrastructure, it would certainly be possible to provide a widely accessible Wi-Fi connectivity in the city center. It could even be a connection of a fundamental nature – covering only e-mail service and Google Maps. Even such a simple solution would represent a significant convenience for visitors and residents today in many places struggling with the problem of lack of coverage.

Providing Wi-Fi connectivity for the needs of businesses, users and the public is one of the objectives of Barcelona Smart City, where creators strive to integrate urban telecommunications infrastructure into the city.

Technology was created to facilitate life, so why not make use of it? This motto guided by the authorities of Barcelona is at the forefront of two projects: Smart Citizen platform which will be connecting people to the city, and Smart Government, the aim of which is to improve the interaction of citizens with the administration.

Barcelona wants to become self-sufficient concerning energy consumption.

Barcelona currently ranks fourth in the ranking of the most “intelligent” cities in Europe. For this purpose, they prepared a draft for a Habitat Urbano (“Urban environment”). It includes an impressive 40 year strategy, the aim of which is to improve the quality of life in the city, making the necessary changes at municipal and social level, as well as the promotion of sustainable development with a view to ensuring the city’s energy self-sufficiency.


5 most “smart” cities in Europe (in 2015):

  1. Copenhagen (Denmark)
  2. Amsterdam (Holland)
  3. Vienna (Austria)
  4. Barcelona (Spain)
  5. Paris (France)

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